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Me Valérie Riendeau

Having graduated from the University of Montreal in 2004 and been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2005, Valérie Riendeau practices exclusively in criminal law, and is a member of l’Association des avocats de la défense de Montréal. Committed to being able to offer her clients a personalized service, Me Riendeau chose, from the beginning of her career, to start her own practice. Driven by her ambition and her entrepreneurial spirit, one can only notice, over the years, the evolution of her practice and the expansion of her team. Today, at the helm of Riendeau Avocats, Me Riendeau is surrounded by competent lawyers for whom she acts as a mentor.
With over 12 years of experience under her belt, Me Riendeau uses her knowledge and expertise to help her clients. As an experienced criminal attorney, she makes sure to analyze each file carefully before giving her clients a complete and detailed legal opinion. Excellent litigator and fervent negotiator, Me Riendeau is acknowledged for her rigor, her professionalism and her methodology. She has successfully advanced Charter arguments before the court in a wide range of criminal files. Her areas of expertise include impaired driving, sexual assault, child pornography, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, theft, fraud and a variety of other offences. Her growing clientele has allowed her to plead numerous cases before various courts.
Me Riendeau believes each file deserves special attention and everyone’s needs are different. Her priority is being attentive to each and everyone’s particular situation, thus focusing on a human approach. While working with her, you will feel reassured throughout the legal process.
Me Riendeau is also committed to social involvement in the legal community. She takes part in the legal information program offered by the Municipal Court of Montreal. Through this program, she provides free legal advice to people who are unrepresented at the time of their first appearance in court.


Me Ana-Maria Mocanu

Prior to becoming an attorney, Me Mocanu graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from McGill University in 2009. This academic experience has allowed her to embrace a compassionate and accessible approach, both with her clients as well as with her peers.
During her studies in Law at the University of Sherbrooke, she was given the opportunity to work at the Quebec Court of Appeal, among the judges sitting in the highest court of our province. Given the variety of mandates that that she was entrusted with, this job allowed her to develop a critical understanding on how to address several legal issues, both in civil law and in criminal law.
Following her law degree, Me Mocanu began her career by joining Riendeau Avocats, where she has been practicing exclusively in criminal law for the last 5 years. She is known for her tenacity, having earned a solid reputation as a respected and equally appreciated attorney.
With numerous verdicts of acquittal and favourable settlements to date, she has managed to stand out with her creativity. She prioritizes an individualized approach, paying close attention to her clients’ particular needs, thereby uniting her background in psychology and her knowledge of the Law.
Her experience over the years has led her to understand that the challenges of a criminal accusation begin well before the first court appearance, which is why she knowingly adopts a tailor-made strategy for her clients throughout the legal process. A meeting with Me Mocanu will allow you to obtain a complete evaluation of your file. She will take the necessary time to counsel and work with you. Perfectly bilingual, she has acquired over the years an extensive experience in her field, allowing her to act in the interest of her clients while honouring her profession.

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Upon consultation, our lawyers are quickly able to give you an idea of the flat rate that may apply in your file. Their experience allow her to evaluate and assess the various possibilities that may occur during the legal proceedings. Thus, an approximate rate for a settlement and / or trial is usually given during the first free telephone consultation. They subsequently draw up a fee agreement that accurately establishes the fees applicable to your file. There is no surprise! You’ll know exactly what to expect from the beginning and as you continue through the court process. The fees are established clearly and are honoured throughout the proceedings.
Please note that instalments are always possible and that we allow several terms of payment. Do not hesitate to ask for more information about payment methods.
We accept several legal aid mandates, depending on the nature of the accusations, as well as the district in which they are prosecuted.

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