Criminal Code offences

A wide variety of offences fall under the Criminal Code. Our lawyers practice exclusively in criminal law and represents hundreds of people each year who are accused of these various offences. Her expertise extends to several categories of infractions that can be summarized as such: crimes against the person, property crimes, sex crimes, as well as economic crimes.

Various Criminal Code offence categories

01 | Offences against the person

First and foremost, the category of crimes against the person may include motor vehicles offences. Impaired driving, dangerous driving and driving under prohibition are only a few examples in this category. These Criminal Code offences all carry a minimum penalty. Once an individual pleads guilty or is found guilty of any such offence, a minimum penalty is enforced and a criminal record is inevitable. Over the years, we have successfully defended these types of offences, as a high percentage of her caseload amounts to impaired driving cases.
The category of crimes against the person also includes criminal harassment, uttering threats, simple assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon and sexual assault. Contrary to motor vehicle offences, these types of infractions sometimes allow for the possibility to avoid a criminal record. Retaining the services of a defence lawyer ensures that you are able to explore this possibility.

02 | Property crime

Property crimes focus on infractions against material property and cover a wide range of offences. Notably, we find theft, robbery (theft with violence), extortion, breaking and entering a dwelling-house or other place, as well as mischief. The court must take into consideration the circumstances under which such an offence was committed. It is a lawyer’s job to carefully analyze the case and obtain a complete account of the events in question.

03 | Sexual crimes

Sexual crimes, our third category, cover a wide range of more serious offences. This section of the Criminal Code primarily focuses on crimes of a sexual nature against children or adolescents under 18 years of age. These crimes include sexual touching, invitation to sexual touching, sexual assault, possession, production or distribution of child pornography and incest, to name just a few. The vast majority of these crimes involve a minimum prison sentence. Given the seriousness of these offences, it is imperative to have proper legal representation in court when dealing with such charges.

04 | Economic crimes

Finally, economic crimes mainly include fraud, employer fraud, and all other crimes that are closely related to money. The disclosure of evidence in these files is, for the most part, quite voluminous and very technical. It must be analyzed thoroughly in order to properly establish the amount of the alleged offence, as well as the period of time in which it would have been committed.

Why consult a lawyer following a Criminal Code offence?

It is unquestionably important to consult a criminal lawyer when you are charged under the Criminal Code. A lawyer will be able to fully analyze the evidence against you and advance all the options available, ranging from a settlement to a trial. Our lawyers are committed to pursue the most favourable outcome in your case and she strongly believes it is important to keep you informed as your file progresses. A criminal record carries serious lasting consequences. Make an appointment with a lawyer today.

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