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The protection of your rights should never in question. If you face criminal charges, we can offer you a complete and rigorous defence anywhere on the South Shore.

The best defense on the South Shore of Montreal

We have a strong knowledge of existing laws. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible defence anywhere on the South Shore of Montreal, no matter what type of criminal charge you are facing.

Drinking and driving and impaired driving

In the event of impaired driving charges on the South Shore and elsewhere, it is strongly recommended that you consult a law firm that specializes in this area to defend yourself. Whether you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Brossard, care and control in Longueuil or dangerous driving in Saint-Constant, DUI Montreal Lawyer wants to ensure that your rights are protected. It is important to remember that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. In this regard, we will carefully analyze your case in order to avoid or minimize the consequences of the charge brought against you.

Criminal Code Offences

We successfully represent hundreds of people each year. Our success is due to our unparalleled knowledge of the Criminal Code. The many trials we have won are a testament to this.

Crimes against the person include a wide range of offences, most of which all carry a minimum sentence if you plead guilty or are convicted (including a criminal record). We are known for challenging them masterfully throughout the South Shore. The same applies to property crimes, which are mainly concerned with offences against material property.

If you have been charged with previous crimes or with committing an offence related to a sex crime or an economic crime such as theft or fraud, we want to help you face justice.

DUI Criminal Lawyer: An obvious choice

We are committed to defending human rights. Each case is important and so is every one of our clients. That is why we are committed to building the best possible defence, because we are not just criminal lawyers, we are your allies.

Are you facing criminal charges on the South Shore?

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