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October 17, 2018 is slowly approaching, the deadline for the Cannabis Act to come into effect. The legalization of cannabis will de facto lead to new regulations, particularly with regard to road safety and driving under the influence of drugs.

In this regard, Quebec says it will be tough on impaired drivers when they get behind the wheel. But is such a road policy really applicable at the provincial level? Find out more about the Quebec government’s commitment to combat drug use while driving and the complexity of the actions that could be implemented.

Zero tolerance for driving while impaired by cannabis use

In Quebec and across Canada, driving while impaired by drug use is already considered to be in violation of the Criminal Code. With the implementation of the new law authorizing the use of cannabis, the government wants to get the message out to road users: trivializing drug use while driving is inconceivable, and it is adamant on this point.

As such, the administration has already put in place training for police officers to more easily detect intoxicated or impaired drivers. In addition, several road evaluators will be deployed to conduct saliva tests that will detect the presence of drugs in drivers’ systems.

As such, zero tolerance is expected for those arrested with marijuana in their system. They will incur a fine of $300 to $600 and an immediate driver’s license suspension for a period of 90 days.

The application of zero tolerance in question?

Although the determination of the Quebec government is laudable, many experts are attempting to demonstrate that a zero-tolerance application is complex to implement.

Police officers will be tasked with proving that THC in the body has a direct impact on impairment. This is a real problem because it can be present in the body long after it has been consumed. It will therefore be difficult to establish with certainty that the offending driver is intoxicated as a result of impaired driving, which will make the criminal charge more complicated. This raises the question of the time needed between the consumption period and the driving period.

Appoint a qualified lawyer in case of accusation

Despite cannabis legalization, the fact remains that Quebec will maintain an uncompromising position when it comes to driving.

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